SeaCard – From Doyle Marine


From Doyle Marine

SeaCards™ make a great game for the whole family, and are a great study aid for certification. The 450+ Nautical flash cards Certification Edition is devided into three sections.
Section 1 is color-coded in light green and covers material for the Basic Keelboat Sailing Standard. This section contains over 125 cards covering critical information that every new sailor needs to know for safe and fun sailboat operation. If you know these cards, you’ll be well on your way to passing your written tests, receiving your sailing certification and earning a National Safe Boating Certificate approved by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Section 2 is color-coded in light peach and covers material for the Basic Coastal Cruising Standard. This group focuses on a higher level of safe and proficient boating including: immediate action drills, equipment checks, duties of the skipper and crew, chart objects, anchoring, docking and a host of other subjects. This group of cards will

help you become aware of the boat you’re on and the considerations for safe, confident boating in local and regional waters. This section helps train you to think ahead, make safe decisions and pass your written test to skipper an auxiliary powered sailboat of 20 to 30 feet in length in moderate wind and sea conditions.

Section 3 cards are white and review a very broad spectrum of information. These cards cover the ‘72 COLREGS (Collision Regulations), distress signals, nighttime navigation lights, day shapes, sound signals, sailing mnemonics, and much more. This section contains over 255 cards. Mastery of this section and the previous sections is a considerable achievement which will give you sailing proficiency that few possess outside of professional captains and masters. A thorough knowledge of this section will be extremely helpful whether you are chartering,racing or cruising.

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