VISION II Pedestal

Edison Marine
All New VISION II Pedestal for Sailboats

Edson’s latest addition to their VISION SERIES line of sailboat steering pedestals is the new VISION II model, offering an expansive mounting area for larger LCD displays, but with a compact design for smaller cockpits.

The new pedestal design is ideal for both boatbuilder and aftermarket installations. For the boatbuilder, the Vision II’s pre-installed engine control cables and chain/wire rope take several man-hours off installation time. For the boatowner replacing a pedestal, the VISION II is a time and space saver. Ideal for retrofit installations on older boats, it is as an alternative to adding a new pedestal guard and instrument housing with associated wire routing.

The VISION II’s replaceable faceplate allows the mounting of a large LCD display or several smaller instruments and puts your displays within easy reach and view, right at the helm where you need them. The optional compass bowl sits up at eye-level to make taking bearings easier and the integrated single-lever engine control fits flush with no external pipes or housings – all in a roomy, yet compact design with all wires running internally. Plus, it takes up less cockpit space than a classic pedestal with guard pipe.

Edson’s Vision II Pedestal fits all Edson Destroyer Wheels and is available with straight or tapered wheel shafts. No additional drilling is required for retrofits because the compact footprint uses the same 4 pedestal bolt holes as Edson’s Classic Pedestal. No extra pipes or holes are needed in the cockpit sole because the integral guard secures to the pedestal. With the aluminum base composite head there is plenty of room for wiring and heat dissipation and the roomy pedestal column makes for easier and quicker installation. An optional recessed sheave assembly provides for more interior headroom or tank clearance belowdeck

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